Verifying, Building and Installing überSpark Libraries

The überSpark core libraries provide commonly used runtime functionality for a uberobject. The core libraries current comprise a tiny C runtime library, a fledging crypto library (currently SHA-1 supported) and a library for platform hardware access.

This section of the documentation will describe how you can verify, build and install the aforementioned libraries. For the subsections that follow, you need to be in the top-level of the überSpark source repository.

Verifying überSpark Libraries

To verify the überSpark libraries first switch to the überSpark library sources:

cd src/libs

Then prepare for verification and subsequent build:


And, finally verify the libraries using:

make verify-ubersparklibs


The verification typically takes a few minutes to complete and should finally terminate with a success message.

Building überSpark Libraries

überSpark üobject runtime libraries are built using the certified CompCert compiler in combination with überSpark tools (to handle Assembly as CASM). To build the überSpark libraries you need to use the following command:

make build-ubersparklibs

Installing überSpark Libraries

überSpark libraries are installed to the development system using the following command:

sudo make install


The libraries are installed to the default location /usr/local/uberspark but can be over-ridden by the --prefix option during configuration using the configure utility.